Khadija von Zinnenburg Carroll
  • Art in the Time of Colony

    Second edition in paperback with Routledge out now. Richly illustrated history of Aboriginal Art. Reviews, launch, and links to sample chapters pages available here. Read More

  • 40,000 Years of Modern Art

    A Re-enactment of the second exhibition ever in the ICA (in 1947, following 40 Years of Modern Art). This is a new series of scripts for onsite re-enactments of exhibitions that have taken place in London in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

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  • The Rise and fall

    Marrakech Biennale commission for a large sculptural performance installation that involves the audience as performing viewers. Sequel 'Delirium of the Copy' to be released in Dublin in early 2015 Read More

  • Skins Cloak

    Skins Cloak is a seven channel video installation that oscillates between real world objects and a virtual world on screen. It features performances by contemporary Indigenous artists, drag queens, hip hop dancers, and possum skin cloak makers. Read More

  • Meta-museums

    Working in museums I have produced this series of publications and interventions in their public spaces and collections. This includes building the Kranich Museum from scratch and reflecting on the museum of the future Read More

  • Embassy Embassy

    Installation of excavated materials from the sites and archives of the former Iraq and Australia embassies to East Berlin. Exploring representation of nations embodied by embassies, it has been shown at the HKW Berlin, Homebase, and SladeRead More

  • Painting Ore

    Ore Black Ore project for Extracity Kunsthaal stemming from microscopy on cave paintings in Australia. 'The Sign Painters of India'. Design for a funerary monument Read More

  • Fight the dragon long, the dragon you become

    As an experiment in conceptual writing the Graffiti Monument is a continuation of an art project that explored multiple kinds of authorship and the political applications of each historically in the Balkan

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  • microscope, historiography, museum, technology, proclamations, tasmania, cambridge, proclamation boards


    Solo exhibition at Savvy Contemporary Berlin in 2014 featuring a video installation on six channels that explores the idea of information and the uncertainty of its interpretation Read More

  • poetry, ekphrasis, embassy embassy, homebase berlin 2010, khadija von zinnenburg carroll


    A selection of poems, images, and journal articles that respond to the relationship between the visual and the verbal in art making. Read More